fyrir miðstöðvar

12 oz./355 ml.

Með byssu, 20 oz./591ml.

fyrir olíu og eldsneytiskerfi, 1oz

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Product Features High-intensity true ultraviolet leak detection penlight and AAA batteries Works with all types of UV leak detection dyes Includes yellow-tinted protective glasses

Úðabrúsi, 562ml 19 oz

Premium DOT 3; 354ml Premium DOT 3 Hydraulic Fluid has a minimum boiling point of 232° Celsius. Meets and exceeds DOT 3 and all other Federal and SAE specifications and standards for motor vehicle fluids. Mixes with all DOT 3 approved brake fluids. Designed for use in hydraulic brake and clutch systems.

Premium Synthetic DOT 4; 354ml A premium, synthetic quality hydraulic fluid that contains special ingredients to guard against vapor lock and moisture absorption. Exceeds requirements for both DOT 3 and DOT 4 fluids. Specially formulated for DOT4 fluid applications.

Severe Duty NON-SILICONE Formulation Meets or exceeds FMVSS 571×116, SAE J1703, J1704 Minimum Wet Boiling Point 180°C High Dry Boiling Point 260°C

Úðabrúsi, 325ml

Óblandaður, 1 gallon / 3.78 lítrar

Rautt, 9 grömm

Blátt, 9 grömm

Double-Thick Adhesive: Grips smooth, rough and uneven surfaces Tough, Reinforced Backing: The tight weave contributes to the heft, but Gorilla Tape can still be ripped by hand Rugged, Weather-Resistant Shell: Withstands moisture, UV rays and temperature extremes 1 Roll

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Fyrir eldsneytistanka, vatnskassa ofl.

2ja þátta, 2 x 28.4gr.

2ja þátta, 2 x 28.4gr

Fyrir við, 28gr.

Fyrir plast, 2 oz. / 57gr.

Fyrir málma, 2 oz. / 57gr.

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Meðalstyrkur, 6 ml.

Þéttir leka í lögnum og tönkum, 57gr.

Details Bonds weatherstripping, headliners, gaskets and more Forms flexible, waterproof bond that resists vibration Easy to brush and spread right from the tube, saving time Resists oils, solvents, detergents and temperature changes for permanent repairs Bonds to a range of surfaces including vinyl, metal, fabrics and rubber 3M Yellow Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive securely […]

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3 oz./88.72ml.

Þolir -32°C, 3.78 lítrar / 1 gallon

16 oz. / 473.17ml.